Family Constellations Community Workshop Online

Are you ready for the shift that is a Constellation?

Stanthorpe Community Workshop

Go direct to Source for a profound, life-changing experience, to ‘find your place’, ‘make things right’ and restore the ‘Orders of Love’.

In these challenging times, being grounded, keeping our energy clear and maintaining healthy boundaries is imperative. The more sensitive we are, the greater the need to be strong in our own power and free to take the next steps.

  • Feel like you’re living ‘Ground Hog Day’?
  • Burdened by inconsolable loss or trauma?
  • Hard to get beyond your ‘history’ or free yourself from past hurts?
  • Difficulty committing to a partner or profession, or take risks in business?
  • Reeling from relationship break-down, or the challenges of co-parenting or blending families?
  • Troubled by feelings of dis-ease like anxiety or depression, or a physical condition that just won’t budge?
  • At a loss as to how to connect with your kids or loved ones, or receive their respect?
  • Know the right ‘stuff’, do the right things, but still attracting less than you’ve envisioned?
  • Wondering when your life is going to start?
If you want to have a different reality you have to choose a different belief!
Beliefs change when experience changes and experience changes when you take it back to (its) Source.
That is the realm in which Family Constellations exists!

“Throughout the day, we felt, saw and heard anger, pain and confusion change to peace, understanding and love. The shifts in energy were almost palpable. Powerful. Real. To get results like that, if at all, would take such a long time of traditional counselling. This happened for each client in about an hour!”

Strength, Clarity, Personal Freedom

  • Let go of self-defeating patterns.
  • Release the entanglements of the past.
  • Remove blocks to your success or fulfilment.
  • Attract and experience more loving relationships.
  • Enhance your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being.
  • Be free of your ‘story’, reclaim your confidence and fly!

Whether the issue relates to your Personal, Relationship, Health or Business life…
A Family Constellations Workshop promises to shift your perception & perspective
leaving you feeling stronger, clearer and with a greater sense of personal freedom!

“Such a powerful tool for healing. Everyone should (needs) to experience this revelation of their life.”

Secure your place now … Spaces ARE limited!!!

If you enjoy the group process and want to do something that really makes an enduring difference in your own and others’ lives … then now is the time to get involved!
A ‘Certificate of Attendance’ will be issued as applicable for professional development!

“Every time I facilitate or experience a Constellation, it’s like watching the Soul unravel its mystery and move toward a place of peace, that continues over time, restoring integrity for the good of the whole family.”

“The benefits are worth the investment ten times over.”

Working in the Personal Growth field since 1993 and facilitating Family Constellations from 2009, Diane enjoys the opportunity to facilitate the group process and looks forward to welcoming you to this Workshop!

Event Details

Saturday 5th September 1:00 – 5:00 pm & 3rd October 9:00 am – 1:00 pm


Stanthorpe Little Theatre & Online via Zoom

Enrolment Terms & Pricing

Constellation5 places only! All Constellation places have now been claimed! | You are welcome to call Diane on +61 417 683 006 or come along as a Representative and experience the benefits of participation in this Workshop.

Early bird
Early Bird Fee only applies for this Workshop!
Full Fee
Payment due on Registration!

Representative – Participate in others’ Constellations & experience the synchronicity of giving and receiving for yourself. A great way to ‘be of service’ to others and get ‘A Taste of Family Constellations’ before doing your own!

Early bird
Early Bird Fee only applies for this Workshop!
Full Fee
Payment due on Registration!

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