Peer Support Group – Deepening Our Experience of Systemic Family Constellations

Due to COVID-19, we regret that all in-person Workshops are currently on hold. For details of Online Workshops and Groups via Zoom, please see the Events page. 

Private Constellation & Counselling Sessions are still available in-person and online.

Please contact Diane or call +61 417 683 006 to book a session or be placed on a waiting list if you would like to participate in this Group when it becomes available again!

Thank You! I look forward to being of service to you. 

Peer Support Group for Family Constellations

If you’ve participated in a Family Constellations Workshop or done a Constellation in a private session it could be tempting to walk away and think “Wow, what an amazing experience that was!” and not think about it again or make the connection between the powerful, yet subtle changes that take place in your life over time as having come from that experience.

Or perhaps you had a breakthrough but didn’t know what to do afterward or how to change your patterns of behaving so that they could match the new reality that emerged?

Or felt really close to the people you shared the day with and would like to deepen that connection but are not sure how to make that happen? (Most of my long-term and most treasured friends are those I originally met in a life-changing workshop or group!)

And what if you were surprised or disappointed in the outcome, preferring your own idea of what you wanted to what your Family Soul and The Knowing Field presented you with?

Not to mention that sometimes we can even be a little triggered as a result!

So… what can we do about all this?

Enter Peer Support Group for Family Constellations!

For those who have participated in Constellation Workshops before or enjoyed their experience of Constellations in a private session/s, this will be a chance to meet with a small group of people over the course of a year on a bi-monthly basis to deepen your understanding of Systemic Family Constellations and how it applies to you, while strengthening your connections in an environment of Peer Support.

It will allow you to:

  • Celebrate your successes
  • Understand your process and your place in your Family System
  • Explore Constellations further and take the next step/s
  • Receive coaching in the new skills you may need
  • Build a sense of community and
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of your peers in a safe environment.


While the needs of the group will help to determine our priorities, we will begin each day with a little instruction on the theme/topic for the day, each of which represents the Social Issues that I believe require our attention at this time.

Then everyone will have the chance to participate in processes &/or Constellations aligned with the theme and receive support from myself &/or the group as needed.

Please note this is not a training course, however you will come out with much greater understanding and awareness of the Core Principles and Philosophy of Systemic Family Constellations that will empower you in everyday life.

Conditions of Participation – Please note new payment options!

  • Places will be limited to 12 and held on the Gold Coast!
  • You will need to attend all sessions and in the event that you cannot make a session there will be no refunds or transfers.
  • To retain the integrity of the group dynamic, new members will only be able to join on the second day after speaking with Diane if there is room.

In light of the prevailing local and global circumstances I have altered the payment plan options to make participation more accessible. Please check these out and give me a call on +61 417 683 006 to discuss if necessary.

  • There will be one fee for everyone.
  • The Introductory Fee for 2020 is just $165/day. Total Tuition for 5 x Bi-monthly days = $825.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $165 will be required to secure your place, with the first instalment of $275 due prior to the first session
  • The second instalment of $275 will be due before the second session.
  • The final instalment of $275 will be due before the third session.
  • Of course, you are more than welcome to pay the full amount up front if you prefer!

You are also welcome to continue to attend any of the Two Day Workshops scheduled throughout the year for your own Constellation or as a Representative.

Program & Schedule

Before enrolling please check these dates against your Calendar for 2020 and ensure that you will be able to attend all sessions. Please contact me or call +61 417 683 006 with any date clashes or other questions as there may be a little flexibility prior to our start date!

Day 1.

Saturday 14 March 2020 – On Behalf of Our Mothers 

Day 2.

Saturday 16 May 2020 – In Support of Our Fathers

Day 3.

Saturday 18 July 2020 – Love’s Way Home – On Relationship

Day 4.

Saturday 19 September 2020 – For the Sake of Our Children 

Day 5.

Saturday 14 November 2020 – With Our Health in Mind

Throughout the year there is also the possibility of another Workshop that will be open to all and additional to this group, on Fulfilling Our Soul Purpose. Date/s & fees TBA.

Looking forward to sharing the year with you!


Diane Viola

Event Details

Saturdays 16 May, 18 July, 19 September and 14 November, 2020 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Gold Coast QLD

Maudsland | Gold Coast

Enrolment Terms & Pricing

Please refer to the Conditions of Participation outlined above. Fees are $825 for the 5 days and a non-refundable Deposit of $165 is required on registration to secure your place.

There will be three instalments of $275 due before the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Workshop days. You are also welcome to pay in full prior to the Course start date if you choose.

Early bird
First instalment to secure your place
$275 incl. $165 non-refundable deposit
Full Fee
Friday 13th March 2020
$825 or balance thereof
Early bird
First instalment to secure your place
Full Fee
Friday 13th March 2020

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