About Diane

About Diane

A passionate student and teacher in the human potential arena since 1983, Diane has dedicated herself to facilitating the transformational process to help people remove the barriers to fulfilling their potential and make a difference in the lives of others.

With an education and training background, Diane has worked in the personal growth field since 1993 in government, not-for-profit and private sectors, opening her private practice as a Relationship & Family Counsellor & Coach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1997-1998.

Prior to this, her greatest accomplishment was as Program Manager for The Peer Support Foundation NSW, developing anti-bullying and personal development programs recognised for their contribution toward anti-violence and suicide prevention in young people.

Moving to the Gold Coast in 2002, Diane also worked with small business and Family Law Professionals and later trained in Collaborative Practice as a Divorce Coach.

More recently, her passion has been for Systemic Family & Business Constellations, where she sees the opportunity to make a difference not only on a personal or business level; but also to our more pressing social issues through the facilitation of the Constellations process itself and in assisting service providers to embrace a new paradigm that empowers their clients to create a new reality.

Living on Wiradjuri Country in the Riverina Region of New South Wales since mid-2021, Diane continues working with clients around the globe and welcomes opportunities for Public Speaking.

At the Heart of What I Do

  • An awareness of the contribution of a positive relationship with oneself and others toward the prevention of mental ill-health and suicide in people of all ages and the importance of fostering connectedness in society.
  • A desire to strengthen the experience of couples and parents to minimise relationship and family breakdown and the harm it causes.
  • A belief in our ability to respond to whatever shows up in a positive way.
  • Ultimately… my love for children and the child within each of us whose innocence warrants our protection and nurturing.

Professional Memberships

Buster & Evie

Meet Buster & Evie! With my husband, Roberto, they complete my present-day family; my most consistent teachers in unconditional love, the art of being and what really matters in my life. It is my relationship with them and the people in my personal and professional life I call ‘family’ that I value most highly and consider my greatest personal accomplishment. After a full and rich 15+ years of life and service as my side-kick, Buster made his journey across the sky on 27 December 2017. With the release of ‘Travels with Buster – A Journey of Unconditional Love’ on 27 November 2018, Buster continues to be a source of joy and fun and lightness, delighting and inspiring us with his antics. Now available in Paperback (signed copy) and eBook here. After a two-year break recovering from the loss of her big brother, we were blessed to find Evie, our beloved kelpie x cattle dog from whom we continue to learn and be inspired by the power of love.

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