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In Chapter 1 – The Journey Begins we meet Buster, the Staffy x kelpie puppy already up to mischief only days after stealing his mum and dad’s hearts when they first set eyes on him at the RSPCA Shelter.
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From the Back Cover…

Need to find that ‘still, quiet voice within’?
Longing to connect with the simple things of life?

In Travels with Buster, Diane Viola takes us on a journey of the heart through the life of her beloved dog, Buster. Like so many four-legged creatures, Buster’s arrival brings wholeness into the lives of Diane and her husband, Roberto.

With his ineffable qualities and enchanting personality, Buster proves to be a wonderful teacher, evoking the best in others and inspiring our humanity through acts of love and compassion. Laced throughout the vignettes of his life, Diane has cleverly interspersed teachings for parents, partners and all who seek personal growth and transformation through a light-hearted approach.

Told with tenderness and love, Travels with Buster touches on themes that are central to our story as human beings. Come ready to laugh and to cry, to experience joy and to open your heart to yourself and all sentient beings as you travel the path of unconditional love.

‘A heart-warming tale reminding us of what is truly important in life.
Buster is indeed an amazing teacher!’

Beth Phelan
Conference Director, Happiness & Its Causes 

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Praise for ‘Travels with Buster’

Reminiscent of a Dr Seuss character, Buster keeps a watchful eye over his book, complete with 24 beautiful colour photos capturing precious moments of his life from playful puppy to wise elder.

‘…a beautifully conceived memoir of life with a dog. Soul material, charming, so humorous at times I found myself laughing out loud. …As you travel through life with Buster you are painted a sense of the Australian landscape and playground of our K9 friends.

Written in the style of short vignettes, it will touch your heart, and with sweet tenderness remind you of the important things in life…’
Sharron Brandon

‘…love on a plate served up with gifts of wisdom, insight and connection that tug at your heart. As proud as any parent can be, Diane leads us on her journey with Buster to laugh, cry and celebrate unconditional love, community and connection for all. An absolutely beautiful read with so many lessons of love, I highly recommend this book for any parent of children and/or fur babies.’
Mary Brock

‘…I now have a better insight into what lies before me and not only the sadness, but also the positives of my future time with our beloved Jack Russell, Esme. For those of you with a pet reading this book you will relate to and giggle at the antics of Buster as I have. For those of you without, hopefully you will choose to add one to your family to look after and cherish for what is not long enough in a human’s life.’
Robert Brown

‘…I just didn’t want to put it down the closer I got to the end.…

Even though I never had the opportunity to meet Buster, I feel that through this book there were many lessons to be learnt and there were lots of light-bulb moments. Thank you, Diane. I’ve read lots of self-help books but this would be among the best of them.’
Vivien Krepp

‘A lovely balance of sharing, empathy and gentle teaching. Your natural gift as a true teacher is most poignantly reflected here in your absolute willingness to be the student, to be vulnerable and to receive the lessons that life and Buster offer you.’
Pete Sheldon

‘I loved your book! You have a beautiful way of telling a story and I found myself watching Buster in my mind’s eye. Thank you for allowing me to share in your memories of Buster and what you learnt by having him in your life. I am so pleased to have known him and will always remember Mr. Buster with great love and affection.

You have done a wonderful job that many people will not only enjoy, but will use in their growth as a parent, a friend and companion.’
Julie Webb

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‘An absolutely stunning, heartwarming book, written with love and integrity. Guaranteed to warm the cockles of the heart of any dog owner. I SO enjoyed this book!’
Marguerite Morgan

‘Irresistible!  Revitalises the warm, smart, funny raison d’être of furry children.  I laughed, I cried and I looked through many old photos.  I polished the ones in photo frames.  It’s just charming.’
Janet Morris

‘How skilfully you weave the stories of Buster into all the lessons about growth and life. How simply we can understand your messages and use them for our own lives. Simple yet profound. I know this book was a painstaking act of love in difficult circumstances but your big heart shone through and between the tears and the laughter, we all benefit so much from your wisdom. Xxx’
Jacky Haworth

… finished book last night. It was a beautiful book. What a special lady to love her dog like she did and learn so much from the dog and how to love. It was fantastic thank you.’

‘An engaging story … I so relate to the words ‘Time Out for Fun’ and ‘Play is the highest form of research’ Clever …’
Anne Sullivan

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Publisher : Positive Relating
Available in : eBook
ISBN : 978-0-6484054-1-2
Published Date : March 7, 2019

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