Carren’s Success Story

I first experienced the transformation that Diane offers about 5 years ago in 2004 when my life was collapsing around me. My partner had committed suicide in 2001, I was caught in the Sari Club at the time of the Bali Bombing in 2002 and sustained massive head injuries and I lost my closest girlfriend who was like a soul mate to me. My sister subsequently was stranded in the Maldives during the Tsunami in 2004 and battled for her life for 3 days and I was suffering debilitating depression because of the level of trauma I’d experienced.

I arrived at Diane’s office frail and bewildered with no idea of where to start my healing process, or that I even wanted to heal. My pain was a comfort blanket which I felt I so aptly deserved for the ‘wrongs’ I had done in ‘causing’ my partner’s suicide as well as being the only survivor in my group of friends that went to Bali. Systematically, Diane unpicked the stitches to my wounds and found my darkest places which I’d kept hidden from myself and everyone around me for so long. I’d cut myself off from my family, my friends and everyone that would ordinarily mean the world to me.

Through our sessions we did counselling work which I’ve never experienced before. I was quite surprised by the techniques engaged which not only allowed my grief and pain to surface but it also gave me the power and strength to look at it, feel it, understand it and embrace it in the most loving, gentle and extraordinarily powerful way! One thing I always cherished was that Diane always made me feel ‘normal’ which was certainly contrary to what I had thought of myself. I felt embarrassed that I was such a mess and I felt that I was the only person on the planet with ‘issues’.

What I experienced in Diane was someone who is a Master of communication and the very process of thought. Effortlessly, she would find the deeper meaning in the language I used and BAM! There it was! She would draw my attention to the heart of my pain in an instant and then support me through the process of dealing with it. Session after session I’d leave feeling stronger, with more clarity and grateful that my depression was easing! Finally, I felt like I was starting to live again where the days were brighter, the birds were louder and the air was easier to breathe! It wasn’t long before I thought I had my life in some degree of order and I discontinued my sessions. I always remembered how wonderful Diane was and felt that I owed her a great deal for the peace of mind I subsequently enjoyed.

About 3 months ago though, when more pain and weakness surfaced in my life, I just couldn’t control the tears and once again, I felt like I was out of control … of myself …! Arrrggghhh! I remembered how good I’d felt previously and desperately wanted to get that back again! First thing I did was call Diane who, in her gentle and soothing way, reassured me that this was natural and was just another evolutionary step in my healing process. She also assured me that this time around, we would be moving even bigger mountains together because this time around, I was ready!

So, where are we now? … Well, I’m in the throws of some incredible breakthroughs. I can see that I have so much to learn about myself and I finally have the inspiration and eyes to open up and start exploring ME! This time around, I don’t have to try so hard, I’m finding the healing is coming much easier and faster and I get the learning almost straight away! It’s amazing really!

I’ve found Diane an incredible Counsellor and Coach and I feel so blessed that the universal forces have brought us back together. We hook up over Skype once a month and I look so forward to our sessions together because we cover everything from my relationships, to my work, to my goals and aspirations as well as my healing. I was very skeptical about doing our sessions over Skype initially, but now that we’ve done a handful of sessions this way, I think it’s great! It’s a great way for me to be relaxed in my own home and gain the insight and tools that Diane offers so readily.

Our sessions are far from over, so I can only speak in the present tense now. I think that Diane is a gift to the world and her intuitive insight and knowledge is certainly inspired from those in ‘Higher Places’. I feel blessed to have her in my life and I truly believe that everyone who has experienced pain or turmoil (and let’s face it, that’s all of us!!) would benefit from the wisdom, coaching and counselling that Diane Viola offers. She is one in a million!

Carren Smith
Sunshine Coast, QLD

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