Constellations Experiences in a Workshop

First of all THANK YOU for the Family Constellation Workshop. It was the most amazing experience for me. Never would of thought that a small group of people like we had on Sunday can go that deep, connect with emotional traumas and able to express and heal and create order again. It was great to experience this field of connectedness to others and to our self. A new belief was born, that “I am allowed to be me.” and “The world is allowed to be as it is”. Some inner calmness comes with this…

Kornelia Matyas
Gold Coast QLD


Great transformative Family Constellation with Diane Viola. Orders of Love restored, responsibility revived, burdens busted, baggage ejected; just in time for Father’s Day. Many thanks to the enlightened souls who represented!

Adrian Pon
Brisbane QLD


I’ve just experienced my own Family Constellation yesterday. All I can say is this work is powerful and the revelations you can experience about your own life or family are quite amazing really, a true understanding of how our lives have been shaped and why things have happened to us in the past.

I highly recommend Diane Viola and this work. If any of my friends are wanting to experience this work, release blockages or trauma, find out why your family are like they are, I am more than happy to come along with you for support.

Gold Coast QLD


It has been amazing and I can just describe it as magic the way I have been feeling about being in Australia. I am more peaceful. Thank you for such an amazing experience.

Sydney Workshop


Great Workshop, very moving and powerful.

Lee Braz
Gold Coast QLD


Thank You again for yesterday. I am so thankful that I found you! I woke up this morning and was lying in bed not wanting to open my eyes and then I realised that I could feel my heart beating! What a wonderful feeling! … Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!

Brisbane QLD


Well done Di, I’m a tough nut to crack and you cracked it! Thanks for all the energy too of the people in the room.

Kerrie Mercel
Gold Coast QLD


Very good. I can see a bigger, more meaningful picture now. Thank you.

Gold Coast QLD


It was a very interesting session. I learnt so much about myself and got to know a little about my feelings and emotions.

Deborah Griffin
Sydney Workshop


Amazingly deep and freeing, big gratitude for the clarity and relief. Well held space and wise facilitation.

Gold Coast QLD 


Great! Very powerful and moving. A unique process. I got something from every Constellation.

Sydney Workshop


I came in with no expectation and what happened was a completion with all my relatives who have passed and a realisation of what has been blocking me with relationship for so many years. Thanks Diane. AMAZING!

Gold Coast


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the love you bring to the world – you have helped me on another step of my journey in life and helped so many others – all of us in fact.

Sydney Workshop


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