Couples Constellations | Creating New Foundations for Marriage

It has nearly been a year since James and I first met you. … We are truly grateful that you came into our lives and that we were brave enough to seek answers and an easier way. It’s certainly been an amazing journey as we continue to pick up our jigsaw pieces and add them to the puzzle we call ‘life’. James and I have learnt and continue to learn so much about each other and our family.

The ‘Couple Constellation‘ sessions we did with you was the turning point for recognising our non-serving belief patterns and unattractive victim-like behaviours. The sessions have allowed us to see that our marriage was based on values we didn’t believe in and that the only way to move forward was to create new ones.

This process hasn’t been easy, however with the determination to make it work and recognising the love we have for each other, the learning has been fun! Thank you once again for helping our family.

Love and Gratitude,

Helen & James*
Gold Coast, QLD

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