Dean’s Success Story

I met Diane in 2002 during a very prosperous and happy period of my life.  At the time I recall feeling “ten feet tall and bullet proof”.  As is the nature of life I had lots of adventures in store, some inspiring and empowering, others challenging to beyond what I would have thought tolerable.  The ups and downs and twists and turns of life!

In mid 2005 I hit a crisis point some would label a “meltdown” or maybe even a “breakdown”. Apart from being the most frightening period of my life to date there were also various important adjustments I was virtually forced to make to the way I had lived life to that time.  Diane has provided unwavering support and has played an integral part in that process and I am pleased to report I am in much better shape these days.

The detail of my journey though, is not the purpose of this letter.  The purpose here is simply a very clear and open acknowledgement of Diane and her work.  I see her as a gifted individual possessed of an absolute commitment to and skill in supporting others in the face of whatever life offers up. The opportunity to receive this input in a clear, gentle and concise way is an inspiration and great comfort in itself.

To describe her as a counsellor or life coach feels inadequate.  Although she is accomplished in both there is an added indefinable quality to her work, which I believe comes directly from her own heart and purpose. I would commend Diane’s services to anyone actually!

Whether you are at your darkest hour or simply wanting to fine-tune some testing relationships or other aspects of your life, begin a conversation with Diane.  I am very glad I did.

Gold Coast, QLD

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