Kathryn’s Success Story

Where do I start? It’s always very scary to dig deep into one’s emotions, and it was certainly no exception for me.

I first started counselling with Diane four years ago when my marriage was going through a rough patch due to my husband having a close relationship with another, much younger female. So he had the problem, not me… or so I thought. I expected counselling to “fix” my marriage, and there were many times during and after the sessions that I wanted to scream when things weren’t going my way.

No, time with Diane didn’t “fix” the marriage, and the relationship ultimately ended… but the counselling sessions enabled me to really begin to understand myself, trust myself, and accept the situation. I have reached a point where I no longer depend on anyone else for my happiness; I can finally let go of the past and open up my heart to the future. As a result I am experiencing new and exciting relationships as well as improving and enriching relationships with family and friends I already had. I no longer fear being by myself, and now that I have accepted that I realise I was never, and will never, be alone.

Diane is a very special lady with an exceptional compassion for those who seek her guidance. She helped me finally understand what is important by constantly bringing me back to the present to focus on what is real.

I love her to pieces.

Gold Coast, QLD

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