Representative’s Workshop Experiences

… What I did not realise was that all 5 Constellations were very pertinent to me and to my own life. So I actually was able to work through 5 different aspects of my own issues, whilst assisting others to work through their own Constellation. I don’t know if there is any other modality that works in that way. I feel a happiness inside which is unexplainable but really palpable. I watch and wait for the story to continue to unfold! Thank you Diane for being so organised and yet so tuned in to the unfolding events that are the magic of Family Constellations.

Jacky H


Amazing. Powerful. Beautiful. I can’t wait to do my own Family Constellation.

Pascale Ratinaud


Thank you for this amazing experience. I have been totally engaged in this process. Shed a lot of tears on behalf of others and my own pertinent issues. All is well!



Witnessing transformation in self and others is an empowering, joyous experience. Such a wonderful workshop! Diane is a very Powerful, Intuitive, Compassionate Facilitator. I am in awe of the process, your facilitation and the end result.



Thank you Diane for the amazing Family Constellations Workshop just gone. Through this profound process I was able to release dense energies surrounding my family relationships opening me up to forgiveness and moving forward in my life.

I am very excited about this next one as I will be doing my own Constellation. You create a very safe space and your insights astound me.

Family Constellations is a unique modality with such potential to not only heal ourselves, but our families and friends. I gained so much insight into my own life and that of the relationships I have with others…

Helen Philp Soultree


I thought this was an amazing process, going deep into ancestry, revealing stories, letting them unfold and healing them.



Powerful, transformative work here today. Thank you.



A fantastic Workshop. Very powerful – skilfully run. Got so much out of it. Lots to think about. Feel I just need to be with it now and see how the effects unfold. Thank you Diane.



Powerful, insightful and relationship changing at all generational levels and I was only a Representative.



Well done again on such a great workshop! … I was blown away at the impact and effect it had on me.

I did not expect what I experienced – not that anyone really knows what’s going to happen. In my previous experience I was the one having my Constellation done … I didn’t think coming to only be a Representative would have such an effect. How wrong I was!

When we finished I felt so ‘high’. I felt full of boundless energy and cranked the dance music up all the way home. …



It was great, very open and safe.

Angeline Keen


Thanks Diane for a powerfully transformative day today at the Workshop. It was a truly special day and one I can recommend highly. The space you created was safe and allowed for some deep soul exploration for both Representatives and those doing the Constellations. Thank you!

Karina Katz


I have a much clearer vision of the future and my place in the world based on my Soul purpose. I know Sunday was very instrumental in my now clear vision. Much gratitude.’



Great facilitation and enjoyed the process.



To find out more about ‘The Role of the Representative’ watch the Video here

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