Building Success with Business Constellations

What does your relationship with your father have to do with your success? To one degree or another, most of us see a correlation between our relationship with our parents and those of our partners. However… have you ever wondered how your relationship with your father or father figure impacts on your career or business life? While it is by no means the only factor, from a Family Constellations perspective, there is often a connection between the two.

If you’re a man, how you feel about yourself in relation to other men (or women) in the world of work can be related to how you feel when you ‘stand beside’ the first man in your life; your father. Men and women whose relationship with their fathers and authority figures at work, gives them something to aspire to, are well-placed to succeed. However, at times this might also be a double-edged sword if they don’t feel they have the freedom to pursue their own dreams and creative pursuits or that they measure up, either in their own eyes or in those of their father.

Even though women do have their place in positions of power and influence in the world, our freedom to experience success, regardless of what role we assume, can also be influenced by that first relationship or by the messages we received from our fathers about what was or was not acceptable for us to be, do or have! Alternately, when your father – or the men in your family line on either side – have struggled to make ends meet, claiming our place in the world and allowing ourselves to be successful may present us with other challenges.


A Business Constellation could help if you…

  • Find yourself at loggerheads with (other) men or authority figures in the workplace.
  • Have been ‘stabbed in the back’ or betrayed by co-workers or those in whom you’ve placed your trust.
  • Feel unsupported when you step out and take risks in your career or business.
  • Feel unappreciated or unrecognised for the contribution you have made, or unrewarded financially.
  • Have difficulty delegating or trusting others to ‘deliver the goods’ in the way you need or expect.
  • Feel blocked in taking up new opportunities or trusting in business partnerships.
  • Have had a business/es go ‘bust’ or faced bankruptcy, particularly after an initial success.


Even when the issue has no direct correlation with your family history, the process itself and the principles and philosophy behind this work, make it possible to resolve issues that may otherwise have defied change through other means. This is not to say that you won’t still need to put in the ‘hard yards’ and persistence that are the hallmarks of success!


Remove the Blocks to Success to…

  • Gain clarity about your priorities and stay focused on their completion.
  • Shift beliefs around money and prosperity consciousness and let go of the ‘not-good-enough’ feelings that erode self-worth.
  • Bring balance to home and work life.
  • Make way for you to pursue your own dreams and goals as opposed to those that were ‘expected’ of you.
  • Align with your Life/Soul Purpose, bring an end to self-sabotage and be supported spiritually in your endeavours.
  • Honour and respect the allegiance to family that you or your partner have in a chosen vocation.


‘The personal Constellation that you did with me, Diane was also very powerful around my business and where I am headed. It gave me clarity and a feeling of optimism moving forward.’

Gold Coast, QLD


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