Words of Comfort

Call upon me in your time of need. Do not wait until the sands of time have passed and with them the want for life in you. Let yourself be lifted up when your heart is in turmoil or your mind polluted with thoughts of woe. Your sadness is but one facet of experience as valid as any other and will pass with ease once the fullness of its expression has been honoured. 

Life is abundant with feeling! That is what tells you you’re ALIVE! Breathe into it and ALLOW your breath, the one which sustains you, to meet with your feeling, the one which informs you of your present-moment state.

Judge not the feeling or the one who feels, but be merciful toward both, for each has a need for recognition. With God’s speed will they move through you uninterrupted and fulfilled given the chance. Waste not your precious time looking for reasons where there are none, but see yourself as one with all that is, immersed in the cry for help of your fellows to be released from the illusion of fear that ignites their pain. NOW is the time to answer the call to love disguised in our pain and anguish; and in our ignorance of our true purpose in being.

Given only love, the wounds of those who cause pain amongst you would dissolve into the heart of God which knows no pain and only love. Therefore make your first work to give love to yourself even as you are challenged by those outside of you. See all things with grace letting them come and go and relax into that which is before you. As all that is disconnected from Source reveals itself to you, it will be but a whisper of wind across your eyes, unveiling the truth of love beneath.

Look for the love in others, seek out their innocence and that will be reflected back to you manifold. You are blessed to be here at this time in this journey of humankind toward the greater consciousness that will, at last, have you treat one another with humanity and humility. Your presence here now is for the greater good and from that flowering in you, untold opportunities open up. Answer the call within your heart and mind and know that in each moment you are being reborn, reawakened to the truth of who we all are.

As you step out of the shadow of the limitations borne of fear; that which has kept you weak and small and frightened; your once-constrained self, like a spring uncoiled, will be restored to its highest height. And it will be effortless, for as you look down at the bigger picture, you see the places where we meet, where free of the masks of pretence and protection, we are all the same. When the differences dissolve and you see but one being, the core of one beating heart, then you will know that it is safe to express your individuality and to embrace that in others. That which unites and that which invites us to celebrate and connect with one another in the dance of opposites and attraction. This is the game of life! And it is your inheritance to remember that ALL IS WELL.

December 2011


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