Lighten Your Heart

Do first each day that which lightens your heart that you may move through your day free of the burden wrought by errors of thought or perception. For judgement, guilt, procrastination, are based in the fearful need to escape that which would release you from the pain of holding on. It is only your mind with its opinion that disallows the letting go when the very cells within your body would breathe easier through the spaces created in the shedding of that which has long-since served its time. 

To just BE where you are willing to wait until the next step is revealed, is an act of strength and character with which our tainted nature struggles to abide. For what has become the ‘norm’ is not where we began, in tune with the rhythm of nature, guided by the seasons and the coming and going of the tide. It was not man or woman who decided the future or lay waste the land to bring to fruition a crop before its time, or in manner or place it had no business to be. Rather, with our connection with the divine, we knew that ours was but a fragment of the bigger picture and each depended on the other for the closing of the circle of life.

In all things, there is a time that prospers our gentle nature and the cooperation of all living beings with which we are inherently connected. 

In your struggle lies the key to your discontent; the forcing of your will or impatience of your heart. Though it is also in our nature to strive for results, to reach our destination, the getting there only makes the reaching for yet another end-point the focus of our attention, leaving unseen a multitude of moments missed along the way. Were you to trust that no journey ends without your permission, and no thing can keep you from your Joy, then the road would be more fully and consciously witnessed with no more ‘One Way Only’ signs leading you home. 

Make your yard-stick the lightness with which you act; for only joy can lead you to Joy. And though you will have need for ‘serious work’ be not serious in yourSelf, which will constrict the channels of love and weigh heavily upon your soul. Let the seeking for ‘the answer’ alone no longer define your actions, but hold it in conjunction with the engagement of spirit and the open-hearted pursuit of living in the question. 

Written 19 December 2011 Added 12 November 2020

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