Words Escape Me

Words escape me! They come to me in the dead of night and slip past my fingers before I can capture them. I plead with God to visit me in some more respectable hour when sleep has had its fill. And yet, now approaches the witching hour when the world is still, and inspiration flows, uninterrupted by life’s mundane demands.

Words escape me to describe how I feel that life as we know it has been thrown to the winds; careers, livelihoods, dreams and lives hijacked. For what purpose do we live in fear of one another, of an invisible demon that threatens our former existence? For what purpose has it come to dominate and manipulate our freedoms and trust, and rob us of our futures?

Silenced by fear, confusion, fury we are left scurrying to opposite corners, few prepared to admit that answers escape them too. When will this end? When will mothers and fathers be free once more to face their children and answer their prayers with confidence?

“How did we get here?”, is the question we need answer most, and yet that we already know. How many will it take to depart this world before we see what unites us beyond race and colour and status? Beyond our identity or religion or belief, beyond the divide of privilege and poverty, ability and disability? And all that makes us human? Perhaps that too is in God’s plan!

Even as we are torn between wanting to know the truth and clutching to beliefs that soothe our fragile minds, will the last laugh be on us? Will God – or some divine influence – be patiently watching, waiting for us to wake up, to let go of the illusion that this world belongs to us and to surrender to the responsibility we have to it?

When we can return to the Respect for Country and Life that all Indigenous peoples have lived by, then we will be free. Then we can be trusted with the gift of the life that breathes through every particle of this Earth and every living thing that inhabits it. When we can respect not only the seen but unseen forces that coexist, then once more, will we be entrusted with its stewardship.

10 July 2020


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