Nurturing Relationship & Family Life with Family Constellations

Positive Relating begins with seeing everything AS IT IS

In order to experience a positive relationship with another, you must first bring yourSelf into relationship! Family Constellations nurtures your relationships and accelerates the Counselling & Coaching process, helping you to be more present with yourself and others by:

  • Standing strong in your Personal Power as a man or woman.
  • Disentangling yourself from your parents’ relationship or family dynamics.
  • Identifying the blocks to intimacy and cutting the ties of past relationships to be available for love.
  • Respectfully letting go of a former partner/s and responding to the emotional needs of your children with a Spiritual Divorce.
  • Making things right and bringing things back into balance for a partnership of equals.
  • Uncovering beliefs that could undermine your relationship, particularly about money and sex.
  • Understanding what it means when we say ‘Marry me, marry my family’, and being accepting of in-law relationships.
  • Dealing with destructive or addictive patterns of behaviour which have a flow-on effect to partners.
  • Getting the ‘Orders of Love’ right so that partners and parents are the primary relationship within the family and there are empowering boundaries between parents and children.
  • Bringing co-operation to blended families and enhancing step-parent and step-children relationships.
  • Allowing for loss within the relationship or family to be acknowledged to bring peace to the family system.


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