Ready – Set – Receive

Trying, like efforting and struggling, is very frustrating and rarely if ever achieves the results we long for.  What I’ve discovered as I’ve been pondering the difference between that and being ‘in the flow’ is how much it correlates to my thoughts around what governs all of our actions in life.  As I see it, we’re either acting from love, trust and faith, or fear, pride and ego. Always it is the INtention with which we do something that determines the OUTcome.  What goes IN must come OUT.

When you’re trying to make something happen it’s very different to when you’re doing what’s referred to in Rhonda Byrne’s book ‘The Secret’ as “Inspired action” which is “when you are acting to receive”.  Now, there’s a light bulb moment for you!  So, exactly how do you do that?  Well, I think it begins by presupposing that that which I desire will come to me, it is acting from the love, trust and faith that knows that it is already there waiting in the wings for me to be ready to claim it as my own.

This is the difference between personal power which comes from love; and control, which comes from fear.  When we’re in our power, trusting the process of life, we step back and create the space for that which we want to be, do, or have to occur.  It’s like opening your arms and making room for your desire to show up, without having to orchestrate the whole show.  It’s a patient readiness to receive without restricting the form.  When we’re able to do that our actions are performed with quietude and our experience is one of peace.  Imagine if we behaved that way in our relationships or if indeed when we were looking for that special someone to be in relationship with?

When instead, we are trying to make something or someone happen, a much noisier and messier pursuit, what we’re actually doing is jumping into the space and filling it up either with our fearful selves or with whatever we think will give us what we want.  In effect we are preventing ourselves from receiving; pushing away any other possibilities or the chance for others to contribute to us in their own way, including their love for us.  Images of myself as a little bossy boots trying to get my own way come to mind as I write, so don’t think for a moment that you are being judged.

How we shift this is by honouring our worthiness to receive.  If you knew you deserved it, or you knew that the conditions that were necessary would present themselves in due course, there’d be no need to control or to pretend to be ‘filling a gap’ when you’re not.  You could ‘go out and play’ until the inspiration came.  Then you’d be free to give up trying, to give up the struggle and to act from love and gratitude for yourself and others and that which you are moving toward.  Then the outcome is assured.

Inner Sense No. 2 | February 2007


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