The Right ‘Frame of Mind’

Everything we do to get into the right ‘frame of mind’ is unnecessary once we surrender to being in ‘the mind of God’.  Now that’s a revelation!  For how could we be anywhere but the right frame once our thoughts are connected with the infinite wisdom of the Divine?  And how do we become available to hear that?  By being quiet, by allowing the thoughts to flow through us.  By knowing that there is a ‘world out there’ and it has no power in comparison to the ‘world in here’, once we truly connect with it.

What I mean by that is that its power to deflect us from our Course, to keep us from our Divine Mission and Soul’s Purpose cannot be undermined when we honour the stirrings within.  And the contrast between the outer and the inner world is in part what gives validity to each.  For there is no freedom in judgement, and whatever we fight against or resist, by its very nature only strengthens the pull toward it.  So allowing, knowing it exists without needing to ‘have our say’, takes the ‘God position’; the one which includes everything and everyone and knows the truth of our eternal nature and its indestructibility.

What it also means is that we must prioritise our time and our attention in order to focus on that which ultimately gives us joy and releases us from the burden of the Ego and the outer world, which is forever drawing us outward to compete and judge and seek the approval or avoid the condemnation of others.  They are something over which we have no control and our efforts to do so only take us deeper into the abyss and further away from our truth and our peace.  When our intention is to experience peace and the stillness that comes with the connection to the Divine, then even if it is only one moment at a time, with willingness and persistence, we will receive it.

BLOG | June 21, 2013

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