Family Constellations Workshops

While Constellations can also be facilitated in Private Sessions, they were originally only offered in a Workshop setting. With the changes introduced as a result of COVID-19, I am delighted to be able to offer this invaluable experience online via Zoom, making it possible to bring together people from all over the world at the same time! See the Events page for details of upcoming online Workshops. If you would like to arrange a Community Workshop for the people you love, please contact Diane.

To really understand the power of a Family Constellations Workshop you have to experience it! It is a sacred, dynamic process, entirely dedicated to the resolution of the issues brought to light on the day. Whether you choose to participate as a ‘Client’ for your own Constellation, or as a Representative, everyone in the group benefits from the opportunity to observe the process itself and to be an instrumental part of each others’ healing. For upcoming Workshops see here.


What happens in a Family Constellations Workshop?

Having chosen a specific Outcome, the ‘Client’ sets up their own Constellation with the guidance of the Facilitator, calling upon members of the group to represent them and the people or themes relevant to their situation. This gives them the opportunity to observe the dynamics that have contributed to their lives today without having to tell their whole ‘story’ or be immersed in the emotion of it. Many people say that this ability to take the position of ‘witness’ to their own life is what makes this unlike any other process they have done before!

As the Constellation unfolds; organically and with direction from the Facilitator, whatever has stood in the way from the present or past – sometimes for many generations – is revealed and responded to. At other times, what we are dealing with may have no direct correlation with the family of the Client. However, the process itself and the principles and philosophy behind this work, make it possible to resolve issues that may otherwise have continued to defy healing.

With the issue transformed, the ‘Client’ is free to choose a new way forward. And they don’t even have to know all the facts of their family history for the Outcome to be successful! A Family Constellations Workshop provides healing and resolution for all involved and a synchronicity that reinforces our connectedness, inspiring empathy and compassion for our common humanity.


What are the Requirements for Workshop Participation?

To participate in a Workshop…

  • You must be over 18 years old and willing to be responsible for your wellbeing.
  • There must be a ‘burning desire’ to shift the issue at hand and…
  • You understand that it is not a replacement for the grieving process, although it may assist you to go through it.


Over the course of the Workshop, everyone will have the opportunity to be a Representative and all participants are encouraged to come with their own desired Outcomes.

As a Representative ‘stands in’ for a person or theme (e.g. Depression, Self-Sabotage, Illness, Life-Purpose) as part of another’s Constellation, what they find is that this is their issue too … or that it gives them some insight into other members of their own family and an increased compassion for themselves and others. All without ever having to reveal any of their own ‘story’!

This is a unique experience that is felt as ‘shifts’ in energy that are said to be ‘Movements of the Soul’. It is not role play, psychodrama, past-life regression or a pre-determined script. In fact, the simplicity of it is what amazes people most!

At all times the safety and welfare of all participants is our first priority and people are free to sit out if they don’t feel comfortable in a particular ‘role’.


Watch this video to find out more:

If you’re new to this work, coming along as a Representative can be a great way to get ‘A Taste of Family Constellations’ before doing your own Constellation in a future Workshop and/or Private Session. For dates of upcoming Workshops please see the Events page.


‘…I was amazed on many different levels as the process began. I was so surprised at the unconditional support and care that the group members offered to me during the Constellation. I had never experienced unconditional love like that from strangers. They held the energy for the healing of myself and my family and family line. They never swerved from what needed to be said or expressed. I am in awe of their generosity and pureness of spirit in giving and healing for people they have never met and folk that have long since passed and the generations yet to come…’

Gold Coast, QLD


To discuss the participation that’s best for you at this time, book a session, or to answer your questions before registering for a Workshop, please contact me or call +61 417 683 006.

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