Relationship & Family Counselling & Coaching

Does one of these describe your situation?

  • Things are pretty good. We just want to make sure we keep growing together and prepare for the changes ahead.
  • We could use some help with parenting. It’s a real challenge and there are so many relationships to juggle, especially post-separation, or in a blended family.
  • On shaky ground. We’re almost too scared to look at it. Whatever happens we really want to know we’ve left no stone unturned.
  • I’m worried about my son or daughter’s behaviour or wellbeing and everything we’ve tried so far doesn’t seem to be making a difference.


Working with individuals, couples, families and young people I can assist you to…

  • Uncover and respond to the patterns that have or could cause your relationship to come ‘unstuck’.
  • Communicate, relate and resolve conflict with respect and be positive role models for your children.
  • Refine your relationship to be in tune with what you really want to experience now and into the future.
  • Provide a ‘forum’ for connecting with young people and restoring balance to parent-child relationships.


Couples Coaching Days

Whether through individual sessions or longer Couples Coaching Days, our work is tailored to the specific needs of each couple. I dedicate the time just to you and to achieving the Outcomes you desire. Come spend one or a number of days or half days with me (spaced a month or so apart), and let’s put my experience as a Counsellor and Coach to work for the benefit of the relationships that are most important to you. Particularly beneficial for people who live interstate or have time constraints.


‘For me, the beauty of working with couples is witnessing the way in which people address aspects of their lives they might previously have been unwilling to, and the relative speed with which they heal as a result. The permission we give our partners to see us as we truly are, is what lays the path back to connecting with the people from whom, in one way or another, we have separated ourselves and to redefining the framework from which to relate.’



Family Coaching Days

are designed to strengthen relationships within the family. Available where parents have already participated in Counselling or Coaching and include children aged 12 and upwards. Family Coaching Days can also bring together other adult members of an extended family who want to assist the children to make a healthy transition through divorce or some other life-altering event.


‘Thought it timely to send you a quick note given that it was one year ago today that we first came up to see you. Things are going well for us, both individually and as a couple. It’s been a huge year for us and a few things have happened that I think before would have led to all sorts of meltdowns but we have worked through them together and remain strong in our love and commitment to one another and the girls. As for the girls – they are having a fantastic year.’

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Sydney NSW


For more details about how I can assist you, see the Counselling & Coaching page in the Personal Growth & Healing section.

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