Honouring the Fallen – Going Beyond Remembrance

  • The father who never held his child.
  • The marriage cut short; a couple separated by war.
  • The mother who never buried her son.
  • The doting parents whose child represents the last in the family line.
  • The returned soldier whose memories remain unshaken by drugs or alcohol; shell-shocked, traumatised.
  • The child left longing for a father or mother they never knew.
  • The anxiety of not knowing or waiting in vain for a loved one to return home.


These are the tragedies of war! And it is this pain that we often see carried through the generations and manifesting as dis-ease, discomfort or self-sabotage that we can bring to a successful resolution with Family Constellations.

In a Constellation we have the chance to right wrongs, by bearing witness to the truth, seeing what was unseen, speaking what was left unsaid, holding what was never held and giving a place to those who have been cast out, displaced or left without a ‘home’. While a Constellation is not role play, psychodrama or past-life regression, it is as if we ‘re-enact’ or revisit the past and provide what was missing for our ancestors, (or those in our current generation) making way for them to at last truly rest in peace.

Among the most touching words from the Anzac Day Commemoration Services of 2015, the  100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, were those of the representative from Turkey who said: “After having lost their lives in our land, they are our sons as well.” This speaks of how we are connected through fate; that when we experience significant loss or tragedy, it bonds us to one another.

To go beyond just remembering and to give back what was needed to those on whose shoulders we stand is a profound and sacred privilege that a Constellation makes possible that I invite you to consider.

For details of the next Workshop near you, please see the Events page or find out more about Family Constellations here. To understand more about the effects of war or trauma please see Melting Frozen Emotion with Family Constellations.


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