Love’s Way Home – A New Possibility for Authentic Relating

The unconscious patterns that affect our individual lives can also have an impact on our Relationship & Family lives. Not only do we need to uncover what these are, but once we have, to become clear about how to create a new context for relationship moving forward and the skills and strategies to make amends where necessary to relate from a more heart-centred place.

Every couple has their own energy and unspoken ‘Agreements’ as well as a ‘Divine Purpose’ in being together. By removing the hidden barriers to connection, a new possibility for authentic relating becomes available and we are free to bring greater peace and harmony into all of our relationships.


Who can benefit from this approach?

Although originally designed as a Workshop, the principles and processes of ‘Love’s Way Home’ are equally effective in private sessions for heterosexual or same-sex couples who want to work on their relationship together and be empowered to…

  • Remove the blocks to connection or commitment and be free to let love in.
  • Prepare to ‘tie the knot’, whether for the first or ‘last’ time.
  • Move beyond the ‘Blaming, Shaming & Naming Game’ and lay the past to rest.
  • Be more effective in being ‘a united front’ in parenting their children.
  • Clarify the future of their relationship &/or make a ‘Conscious Parting’ if necessary.
  • Gain clarity about ‘what really happened’ that led to a separation or divorce and be free to co-parent their children with greater consciousness.
  • Be more aware of the hidden dynamics that impact on themselves and their partner and enhance their capacity for empathy and compassion.


Our relationships are a sacred opportunity to become more of who we were born to be. Shifting the focus from our partner to ourselves and to uncovering what we couldn’t have known was impacting on our relationships is the key to sharing a conscious, connected life and creating a positive future, whatever ‘form’ the relationship takes.


‘When we enter into an intimate relationship with another we take with us all our hopes and dreams for the life we envision sharing. When faced with the inevitable challenges that relationship presents, to know what does and does not belong to us is essential to being effective in bringing about change.’



What we may address together…

  • The balance of power in relationship.
  • Giving & receiving for a ‘Partnership of Equals’.
  • The role of acceptance of self, partner and ‘in-laws’.
  • The place of respect & honour.
  • The ‘Orders of Love’ – Blended Families included.
  • The role of the ‘Family Conscience’.
  • The Purpose of your Relationship to create a new, empowering Context for Relating.


‘Now more than ever, the health of our families and the protection of our children depends on the relationship between couples being one of a ‘Partnership of Equals’ and of couples taking their place in and being supported by, our society.

It is also in the context of relationship that we are challenged to ‘break the cycle’ of harmful behaviours that may have been passed down through the family line and offer our children a ‘clean slate’ from which to enter into their own relationships.’



Drawing on more than two decades of working with couples as partners and parents, this will be a synthesis of processes (including inspiration from the principles of Family Constellations) to nurture and enhance your relationship and an opportunity to learn more about where there may be unconscious blocks to connection or things that would sabotage the success of any relationship and how to shift it!


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