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The key to achieving peace and harmony in any aspect of life is balance! While few of us can say we have truly mastered this, often it is in our Business & Professional lives where we experience the greatest imbalance, placing pressure both at home and at work.

The more ‘social’ we become, the more individuals will drive the machinery of business and demand they align their values with and become more accountable to, the families, community and society which they serve. In Australia in particular, the resistance we have had to being of service must be replaced with a commitment to meeting the needs of both the market to whom business owes its prosperity and the human resources which make that possible. 

Just as our personal relationships are nurtured by a heart connection, this too is becoming the litmus test for our businesses and organisations. As important as positive relationships are in our private lives, so too are those at work. As the world is brought ever closer, the Point of Difference for business now lies in its ability to provide a quality of relating for all the components that make it up.

Facilitating Positive Relationships at Work

For many their place of work is synonymous with community or family; a place to which they belong and from which they seek connection, camaraderie and recognition. Increasingly, people are looking to their vocation and professional…

Building Success with Business Constellations

What does your relationship with your father have to do with your success? To one degree or another most of us see a correlation between our relationship with our parents and those of our partners. However… have you ever wondered how…

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Just BE Yourself

To be true to ourselves means taking time out to hear & feel what’s going on inside and find the place within where the indisputable core of ourselves resides.

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Moving Forward

Sometimes, just sitting in our stuff is precisely what is called for to give us the clarity we need before we can take the next step & confidently move forward.

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Paying Attention

Ultimately, paying attention is about becoming (more) aware! It’s about noticing what’s happening on the outside, as well as what’s going on, on the inside.

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