Facilitating Positive Relationships at Work

For many people, their place of work is synonymous with community or family, a place to which they belong and from which they seek connection, camaraderie and recognition. Increasingly, people are looking to their vocation and professional contacts as key indicators of personal satisfaction and pride.

When relationships at work nourish a person’s life, their productivity increases, ultimately making a difference to the bottom line. Alternately, when opportunities for advancement are limited, or issues such as bullying and harassment, or incompatibility with other team members are not addressed, the opposite is true.

Professional Development in the workplace contributes to the Personal Growth of team members and radiates outward to the business as a whole.

Whether it is by…

  • Assisting you to ‘take your place’ in the world
  • Providing a resource for the individuals in your business through an Employee Assistance Program
  • Facilitating ‘The BEING of the Collaborative Practitioner’ Workshop
  • Tailoring Professional Development to the needs of your business or organisation, or
  • Removing the blocks to success through Business & Organisational Constellations… my focus remains ‘facilitating positive relationships’.


With an Education & Training background and experience facilitating the group process in Government, Not-for-Profit and Private Enterprise since 1993, I look forward to helping you develop yourself and the people in your business!


‘Diane understands the who, what and how of human beings and their behaviour. As a trainer, Diane is superb – open, clear and perceptive with a sense of humour that puts people at ease immediately.

Her presentation is clear, powerful, entertaining and effective and her interactions with people show a depth of compassion that goes way beyond what most people imagine possible.’

Lorna Patten
Open Up Communication Pty Ltd


For information about any of the above services please contact me or call +61 417 683 006.

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