Just BE Yourself

Be true to yourself! If there is one purpose we share in common, it is to decide who we really are and what we are here for and then just be that. At this juncture in our evolutionary voyage, it is one of our greatest challenges and most urgent priorities. For what else are we here if not to contribute the best of ourselves to one another, to go beyond the rationalism of the ego and honour the part of us which is a part of the Universe to which we belong?

The tragedy of our times is that it can look like the only reason we are here is to beget ‘stuff’ and satisfy our insatiable yearning for ‘looking good’. Coincidentally, it is also the opportunity to remind ourselves of our true nature. Amid the chaos, there is so much to celebrate about humankind as we continually step up and challenge the old ways of being and doing that were based in fear and competition and mistrust – of one another and our essential nature – and replace them with love, trust, and faith.

To be true to ourselves requires regularly taking time out from the world we see without any external distractions, to hear and feel what’s really going on on the inside. It means finding that place deep within where the indisputable core of ourselves resides. This is the place beyond criticism, judgement or opinion; the space of openness and the meeting with what is, where nothing has to be proved or explained but is simply understood and known as your truth. When you connect with that place and live from it, you are both free to enjoy anything that the material world has to offer and free of your attachment to it or need to conform or prove yourself within the limitations of its parameters. Because let’s face it, if we were all being true to ourselves, there would be an infinite variety of ways we’d show up in life.

A world that invites and embraces our individuality also makes it a safer place for people to respect the unique design of our being; as individuals and as a collective. Imagine the difference it would make to just be yourself in your relationships; to be at ease with and comfortable in your own skin. No more second-guessing or hiding from yourself or others. If I had to condense the secret to relating; or life for that matter, into one message that would be it. For who else can you be really? And if you’re not being yourself in a relationship then who are you being, and with whom is your partner or others relating?

Inner Sense No. 20 | August 2010


To be yourself in a world that is doing its best, day and night to make you like everybody else … is to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight; and never stop fighting

E. E. Cummings


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