Taking Care of Yourself after a Family Constellations Workshop

Participating in a Family Constellations Workshop is a unique experience; one which is difficult to pre-empt the impact on yourself or fathom the contribution you have made to others in the group. Thank You for the generosity with which you have been of service to one another!

Please remember we have been working with the energies and emotions of the Soul and much of what has happened cannot be understood from a purely rational viewpoint. For this reason and to allow the energy to settle, it is best to just be with your experience for a few days without talking about or trying to analyse it. It is also recommended that you don’t apply other ‘therapies’ to the same issue at this time. This ensures that whatever healing has occurred isn’t ‘unravelled’ and is also the most respectful way to honour what took place for yourself and the group.

If possible take time out for yourself after the Workshop to rest and recover. Drink plenty of water, minimise the consumption of stimulants and allow yourself to have as much sleep as you need. Releasing emotion can be very tiring!

Please remember too that how things showed up in your Constellation may have surprised you or been quite different to what you expected. Again, just allow the bigger picture to settle and in time, the pieces of the puzzle will make themselves known to you.

If you’re feeling ‘light-headed’ or ‘spaced-out’, give these a try to ground your energy.

  • Take a walk or swim at the beach or walk barefooted on the grass.
  • Take several deep breaths in and out and imagine you are drawing the Earth up into your legs as you do so. Stop once you feel more ‘solid’.
  • Take an Epsom Salts bath – also a great source of magnesium to reduce stress.
  • Give your body a good shake-out, or turn on some loud music and have a good dance.
  • Recall the visualisation of your ancestors standing behind you and take in their strength.


Don’t Avoid the Void

To change we must go through a transition zone.  It’s not easy being in transition.  Thoughts, beliefs, and habits are all in flux.  It can create a sense of groundlessness, of being in a void that can be quite uncomfortable.

When we’re in the void, our first impulse will be to revert to old habits because they feel comfortable.  Our goal is to hang in there until the change is complete.  Knowing that transitions are part of the change process helps us muster the courage to put up with the discomfort, the uneasiness, the void.

Change requires a letting go of what we’ve always known and done to allow in something new.  We need to trust ourselves and higher forces to unfold a new reality for us.

Every positive change – every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness – involves a rite of passage.  Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution; we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation.  I have never found an exception.

Dan Millman


And remember, you can call me if necessary on +61 417 683 006 and that it may be helpful to do a follow-up session/s to assist with the process of integration, to learn some new skills, or to take the next step. As powerful as a Constellation is, what occurred today will be but one part of your ‘onion skin’!

Love & Light,


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