Time to Unhide Your Light

The recent loss of Robin Williams, a beautiful, gentle genius of a man, left many of us grieving, struggling to understand and feeling our own pain and loss. Someone who brought immeasurable joy to others in his life and boundless sorrow in his passing, his death triggered an avalanche of love and support for people who suffer with depression, addiction, or suicidal thoughts or behaviours; and those whose lives have been shattered by the loss of another as a result. Amid the shock and confusion, people reached out to one another; seeking to understand rather than judge, willing to listen rather than give advice, sharing their own stories and helping to explore our human frailties and vulnerability, a conversation that, hopefully, has only just begun!

In his most brilliant performances, Robin Williams exhibited that indefinable quality we experience when we’re ‘in the zone’; when all attention to ego is relinquished and we surrender to the inspiration that flows through us to simply just be! Through that presence, our gifts are given their outward expression for others to receive. For me, this is a place of pure, effortless, joy and freedom; the opportunity to ‘get out of my own way’ and contribute what is there for me to give. On the contrary, when I’m holding back or fearful of sharing myself, I feel stuck, powerless and at the effect of others’ opinions.

While it is but one facet of the complex nature of addiction and depression – which is as individual as the person themselves – one small way out of this pain is through expressing our creativity, lifting the lid on our connection to the divine within and unveiling our true essence and light. When there is something that you love to do, that turns on your life and the light within you, you simply cannot not do it! This is your unique gift, and ‘hiding your light under a bushel’, withholding it from yourself or others, is not the way out of the darkness!

I wonder what would happen if we all just decided to ‘unhide our light’ and encouraged others to do the same! Would we manifest enough light that we could dispel the darkness in the world? As Pollyannaish as that may sound … isn’t that ultimately what we’re here for and what we’re made of? Why have some of us chosen to expect mediocrity, except among the few, to relinquish our responsibility to make the most of ourselves and of life, to ‘cut down the tall poppy’ as we do in Australia? I do recall when we first began to hold ourselves back; when not standing out became the norm rather than striving to be our best, particularly for young people. However – two decades on – I am still baffled by the why, other than as a way to keep us small and dominated by a culture that has in so many ways, ‘lost its way’.

In the quiet of cyberspace last week I saw and felt us beginning to re-trace our steps; being there for one another, remembering that on a planet with in excess of 7 billion people, no-one should ever have to feel alone, that we can ask for and give help when we need to and that we can be accepting of one another as we are. When I saw one of my friends post the words “You can call me 24/7” that said it all! You know who you are and I thank you for touching my heart (and no doubt many others) with your generosity and grace!

As we grapple with some of the issues before us, let us remember that how we honour those who have touched our lives is by making the most of our own; being there for ourselves and allowing our own light to shine, and by being there for others and seeing the light in them even when they can’t! With all that is at stake, there is no time like the present to ‘Unhide Your Light’!

 Inner Sense No. 39 | August 2014

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For further assistance see Suicide Prevention Australia.

Or contact the Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 … a free nationwide service providing short-term counselling, support and information to over 18’s at risk of suicide, those concerned about another’s suicidal behaviour and those bereaved by suicide.

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