A New Order of Things

Remember the ‘Get Smart’ sitcom where ‘Control’ represented American democracy and ‘Chaos’ represented Russian communism? Oddly enough it is out of chaos that something new or a new order of things emerges. And it is through surrendering to the ‘chaos’ and letting go of ‘control’ that the light in a difficult situation can illuminate the solution/s. At this time so many of our systems and institutions, including those that impact our relationships, are in a state of chaos and sorely in need of transformation!

Throughout history, we have known many geniuses who brought forth ideas, inventions and remedies which, because they had previously been un-thought of, and threatened the status quo, meant having to work through chaos. What allowed people like Da Vinci, Edison, Einstein and Marie Curie to accomplish what they did was an unwavering faith and one-pointed intention on what it was they were committed to. Because they knew there was way they were unattached to how they would reach their destination and in that state of non-attachment they made way for all that was already potential to present itself. With each failed attempt to create the light bulb – an extraordinary concept for the people of his time – Edison simply removed another layer that had stood in the way of his success.

When you’re creating a new order what you’re really doing is peeling away the barriers to the belief that it is possible. The bigger that new ‘creation’, the more it is affected by the collective consciousness, and the greater the agreement that what has not yet come into being is not possible.

And so it is with our relationships. In order to experience something different in yourself and in your relationship with another, you must first peel away the layers of belief to the contrary. The only question you ever need ask yourself about another is if you are willing to see and experience them differently; to hold the space for them to show up as something other than what may have been their fear-based behaviour, or your perception of them through the lens of your own fear. And yes … this will create havoc inside you!  It will challenge the beliefs you have held and been very attached to about the other, particularly those which make them wrong and you right.

The problem is that right and wrong do not exist in a state of peace and harmony. In that place there is just what is – moment by moment by moment. And in every moment of now we are all free to take another step toward that which we long to experience rather than holding on to the pain of the past. This is where learning how to interpret your own signals – from your body is what matters. Your body always knows what is right for you and it lets you know through how it feels.

At first … when some new possibility (which you might judge as making you ‘wrong’ for how you’ve thought, felt, or behaved in the past) is presented … your body’s initial reaction may be one of fear … because it is also the unknown. If you simply allow for that too, staying focused on the new choice, that fear feeling will transmute into one of excitement. When you allow yourself to go through those layers of feeling, continuing to choose from love and respect for yourself, you will in time connect with the feelings of joy and excitement and anticipation inherent in the new possibility. Then out of the chaos something beautiful will come.

Inner Sense No. 40 | October 2014

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