The Difference is YOU!

On ‘Day for Daniel’ in Australia we are reminded of the power of one… that all it takes is one person who is willing to stick their neck out, to put a stake in the ground and say “Enough is Enough, this cannot go on any longer, I or we cannot abide this anymore.”, to make a difference or turn the tide.

When faced with such immense challenges, where do you begin? You begin with YOU! Being willing to see things as they are and to know that in that acknowledgement and recognition, you have total freedom to start to create a whole new reality for yourself. Until you are willing to do that; to see the mirror that life is holding up for you, you will be forever stuck in your pain and denial. That sounds harsh I know… and I am yet to see any other way around it.

The world is crying out for us to stand up and be counted; to get out of our comfort zones and resignation and apathy and say “Yes… if it is to be, it’s up to me.” To know, I don’t have to do it on my own. I can take the lead; I can be a stand, challenge the status quo, and be a spokesperson for a new possibility, wherever that’s showing up in my life. And I can begin by taking care of myself and my family, because that is my primary responsibility, and without that, all my efforts will be coming from a place of inauthenticity.

Then… together we can stand up for injustice, inequality, immorality and inhumanity. If we, in the Western world, with the top 4% of the world’s wealth – as unevenly distributed as it may be – do not take a stand for the health and welfare of the world’s citizens, then who is going to?

How many ‘canaries in the coal mine’ will it take for us to say it’s time for a change and a new order? It’s time to harness the power of our minds, give voice to the call within our hearts, and be bigger than our fears or our need for approval or to fit in. Our education, health, welfare, justice and political systems are all failing us and failing those who work in them who are struggling to fulfil the vision with which they entered into their profession in the first place. Hamstrung and exhausted, overloaded and under-appreciated, each is blamed for not delivering on the expectations we might rightfully have for them at this time.

And yet… what is a system made up of? Individuals! Many one persons each with their own story. Many people who can look inside their heart, and know within their soul, the difference between what does and does not work; what is and is not affirming of life and right livelihood! Just as Bruce and Denise Morcombe, like many others who, suffering unbearable pain and loss, or confronted with the possibility of it, were ‘forced’ into becoming trailblazers… all it takes is an ordinary person with an extraordinary vision or drive to make a difference whose impact has a ripple effect that will continue to do good indefinitely. Every child, parent and teacher who today remembers Daniel Morcombe, and the message of the Morcombe Foundation, is a testament to the power we have to make a difference, and to the triumph of love over adversity.

There is no point in blaming the system or pointing the finger. If we see something that doesn’t work then in some way it is our job to do something about it… even if that’s simply (and most powerfully) to send love to that person or situation, or to include its transformation in our thoughts and prayers; to speak up a new possibility for it that dissolves the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that so often keep us stuck or trapped in the old order of things. If each of us took on that challenge to empower ourselves and to speak and act from our highest truth, then together, we could make a world of difference!

With thoughts for all who have lost their own ‘Daniel’ and gratitude to the participants of the October 2014 Family Constellations Workshop on the Gold Coast, whose courage and commitment to being there for one another and breaking through those limitations, inspired this writing.

BLOG | October 31, 2014 – updated June 2019


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