A Call to Oneness

(Substitute ‘God’ with Love, Light, Universal Energy as you wish)

So to remember … that no matter where you go or are I, God, am also always there. It’s challenging isn’t it to consider that I could be in the places where people suffer most; that amid the desecration and poverty and war and abuse and terror, that the likes of God could be present. Always people have asked, “How could there be a God where these things happen?” As you know, it is not I who allow or prevent these things. As human beings or spiritual beings here to have a human experience you are always free to choose.

The world that you know; the condition that humanity is in right now is the result of all the choices ever made by all of you over the millennia. You all began knowing yourselves as God – knowing that everything you needed was there before you asked. The fall from Grace came when you stopped trusting that and so began the struggle and effort to compete and acquire that which already belonged to you. There is much to be said that has already been said about why the contrast, why you forgot; and reading ‘Conversations With God’ and the Abraham-Hicks work will cover that.

The point I want to cover today is that every time you or anyone else looks into the world and sees imperfection and questions the presence of God, it is me reflecting back to you your own misguided beliefs about who and what we or you are, about what is possible for humanity, about HOW to irrevocably transform that. You fear living in bliss more than anything, for the only way you have been able to imagine that has been connected to some hedonistic way of life. … You fear that there will be no purpose to your lives, nothing to do, no problems to solve, nothing to gossip about.

And so … hunger, pestilence, crimes against humanity continue. I am there in every one of those places where you think I’ve abandoned you, as ‘The Call to Love’. In the eyes of every one of those starving children, there I am – not as guilt, not as shame or blame – but as a reminder to you to reach into your own heart and find the place or places where you are starving, where there is desperation and fear and pain. Go in there and remedy this. Fill your cup, feed yourselves – with love and respect and awareness – and then from that place, look to see how you can make a difference.

The only reason I am still here in this form is because you have not yet chosen to believe in the oneness of humanity. You have not seen that not only am I present in the starving millions but so are you. I know you give thanks for what you have and so often that is based on comparison with those ‘less fortunate’ than yourselves. Or you use that comparison to ‘teach’ others (AKA guilt) into a state of gratitude. It is only when you see that you are them and that they are you that all the pain and suffering will dissolve. And this is the greatest reason for the Internet and all telecommunications which now bring your world so close.

Mother Theresa’s work and example was so powerful for she knew that the secret was connection. She taught people not to fear the lonely and the homeless but rather to reach out to them. And it is true that with every single person whose life is touched by the love and compassion of another a difference is made …

The greatest poverty now present in Western society is the epidemic of depression and anxiety in your people and I call it a poverty because in its way it drains the life-force from people who might otherwise be living full and rich and productive lives. This is not a judgement on them or on your society, but merely a reminder or a wake-up call for you.

And yes, while I am present in all things, one who is in the grip of fear, one whose life and life-force is so compromised and restricted, who is not in the presence of joy – even though they are clothed and fed and have access to all the material things they could need, are disconnected from who they really are – and they know that – hence the struggle to ‘escape’ their prison. All healing begins though by surrendering to what is.

There is so much more to be said about this. For now, the key point is – as you know – that the greater the contrast the greater the call to action. The problems of humanity are there to encourage you to dig deeper into yourselves, your psyche, and hearts to unearth the solutions. For they are there already awaiting your activation. However … what must come first, before the doing is the state of being that will make that possible.

‘Received’ Sunday 17 January 2010

BLOG | August 8, 2014

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