Creating A Shared Future

Whether through natural disasters or political upheaval, the violence of the first two months of 2011 have left many of us speechless and searching to give meaning to what is happening. While we who are lucky enough to live in a free society have been brought to our knees by the power of nature, on the opposite side of the world, people power is dismantling governments and challenging despots who have quashed their spirits for decades. What we are witnessing is the coming of a new dawn as people join together to create a better future, not only for themselves but also for others.

As our hearts have been cracked open, the outpouring of love has reminded us of who we really are… and the will to make a difference to ease the suffering of our fellow human beings has been the most powerful force at hand. Everywhere, the unity we have so sorely needed – like a dream we never dared believe could come to pass – is showing up. In whatever way we view these events, we are harnessing the best of human nature to respond to them. And with it, the wisdom and compassion that will see us through to the other side.

We have been woken from our stupor, stripped of our complacency and inspired by the stories of courage and generosity, of humility and kindness that abound. When our young people ask “How can we help?”, and our leaders identify us as ‘family’; where military aircraft and warships defy orders so that they can protect their people rather than incur violence upon them, we see at last that we are being restored to our senses. That life – human life and aliveness – is what matters most! So too, the lives of all the creatures with whom we share this planet, and ultimately that of Mother Nature herself. When we identify ourselves not just by our race or colour or creed, not only by the state or country in which we live but as part of the whole human family, then the desire to care for all of us and all that sustains us; the life of our planet itself, is aroused.

The old-world order is crumbling as we move from a place of fear, disconnection and separation to one of love, interconnectedness and oneness. And this is what this time is all about!

We are living in both the most tumultuous and most exciting of times; not just because these things are happening all over the world, but because we are witnessing them moment by moment and we cannot, must not turn away. As we grieve for those we have lost and those who have suffered or made the ultimate sacrifice, and as we face the enormous task of rebuilding, let us remember that we are here now for a purpose and to make each day and each encounter with those whose paths we cross, count.

Inner Sense No. 22 | February 2011 – updated June 2019

Recently I was given a gift from New Zealand of a glass Koru. A symbol of Life, New Beginnings, Growth and Harmony, the Koru fern offers support and loving protection and is a reminder that the cycle of life always includes Birth, Death, and Rebirth.


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