Our Deepest Desire

All time is NOW!  If you could entertain the possibility that there is no such thing as time, you would understand that doing things in haste, impulsively, or being angry and frustrated because things aren’t going according to your plan, is all wasted energy.  When you remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ you can be patient with yourself and life, while also ‘chipping away at it’.  There is so much you can get done from a place of internal quiet.  When you shift your perception to view things with a soft focus you experience the state of quietude and personal power within which miracles occur and mountains are moved because in those moments you are totally connected to the energy of life.  There is nothing outside your reach because you have become one with all that is, with life, creation.  You as Ego do not exist and you have surrendered the little ‘I’ to enter into the stream of life.  It’s as if your idea of yourself as a separate entity dissolves as you are carried through time and space.  This is the place where all things truly are possible and it is a place of NO THOUGHT.

Now that’s an interesting paradox isn’t’ it?!  In that place, you have given up the thoughts of the Ego to step into the mind of God or the Universal Mind.  That is exactly what is meant by surrendering the small mind to the big mind as the late Wayne Dyer put it.  And yes, surprisingly it is easier to live and choose from that place than from the individual mind.  This is what 2012 is heralding in – a ‘time’ when we will have access if we choose, to the collective consciousness – where we realise and experience that – contrary to what we have heretofore believed – when we truly connect, there is NO NEED FOR OR TO FEAR.  It is only our individual, separated selves that generate fear and competition and feelings of not being good enough.  And we have projected that fear about ourselves, that judgement of ourselves, onto others and so we end up with a sea of mirrors reflecting fear and hatred and animosity.  And then we wonder why we’re not happy!!!

What we have failed to trust is that inside every single one of us our deepest desire is to know ourselves as love, to be at one with ourselves and others.  Ultimately, peace is made not by defeating the enemy – who will always seek to rise up against us in the future – but by joining in the heart.  When we know that every heart holds in it the potential for love and peace then we will realise it.  And it will be like spontaneous combustion igniting throughout the world and overriding the doubters and naysayers.  This is our true destiny.  This is what we are here for now.  This is WHY there are so many people on the planet at this time – to give light to the flame of love.

Inner Sense No. 21 | December 2010


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