Making Way for Commitment with Family Constellations

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

One of the things I love is working with couples to uncover and release the blocks to intimacy. Where Family Constellations comes into its own is when we find ourselves in situations where we don’t even know that there’s something we don’t know!

As this Model demonstrates, sometimes when we’ve moved on to a new relationship, we’re not free to commit to that person because we haven’t fully let go of a previous partner. When we remember that we are all energy, then the impact of ‘holding on to the past’ is bound to have repercussions in our present-day lives.

Whether you’re still ‘carrying a torch’ – or a grudge – for someone in your past; what is unresolved or incomplete, means some part of you is still ‘back there’ with them and unavailable to your current partner. Even though it may be hard to pinpoint, the energy connected to it has the potential to create tension between the two of you, or repeat a pattern of unrequited love.

And if the person who is holding on is not you, but a former partner, that too can be felt or sensed at a subtle level and needs to be responded to for the wellbeing of your relationship today.

Given that this is mostly an unconscious dynamic, uncovering it through a Constellation to ‘let go with love’ – regardless of who is doing the holding on – is what allows people to turn to the person in their lives today to experience a more fulfilling and loving connection. This is especially important when people have a number of ex-partners or are preparing to get married, whether for their first or ‘last’ time!


‘I came in with no expectation and what happened was a completion with all my relatives who have passed and a realisation of what has been blocking me with relationship for so many years. Thanks Diane. AMAZING!’

Jacky S
Gold Coast


If this ‘rings bells’ for you … then make way for commitment today by registering in a Workshop or booking a Private Session. Your partner will thank you for it!

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Thanks for sharing!


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